Analogue Interactive Black Label

Choose any wood in the world and we'll build you the custom set of your dreams.

Analogue Interactive Black Label

What Is Black Label?

Black Label is a custom service that offers you the choice of any wood in the entire world for the ultimate Neo Geo setup. Black Label units are identical in design and function to the Analogue CMVS Slim and Analogue Arcade Stick

Solid Brass Tags

We designed and crafted exclusive solid brass product tags that sit beneath each and every Black Label unit.

Analogue Interactive Black Label

What Kind of Wood?

We've compiled a price list of our favorite woods which can be downloaded here.

...or you can view hundreds of other possible woods at the Wood Database.

Once you've selected the perfect wood, fill out the Black Label Form and we will contact you with customization specifics.

A Black Label Set Includes

  • Analogue CMVS Slim
  • (2) Analogue Arcade Sticks
  • Solid Brass, Black Label Product Tags
  • S-Video, Composite & Stereo Sound Cable
  • Power Supply

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